17 Bike Frame For What Height? (Correct answer)

Do you know what size mountain bike I need?

Rider Height Suggested Mountain Frame Size
Feet Inches Centimetres Frame Size (inches)
5’6″ – 5′ 10″ 168cm – 178cm 17″ – 18″
5’10” – 6’1″ 178cm – 185cm 19″ – 20″
6’1″ – 6’4″ 185cm – 193cm 21″ – 22″


Is a 17 inch bike frame too small?

On average, an 18″ frame will be at least an inch or two too small for your height and build. Taking the smaller one without first riding it for a few of hours and making sure it is comfortable for you is not a good idea in my opinion.

What size bike does a 5 year old need?

The optimal bike size for five-year-old or six-year-old youngsters is often a 16-inch bike, depending on their height. This 16-inch bike is equipped with a freewheel and hand brakes, allowing youngsters to get one step closer to riding an adult bike.

Will a 17.5 inch bike fit me?

The optimal bike size for five-year-old or six-year-old youngsters is often a 16-inch bicycle, depending on their height. Featuring a freewheel and hand brakes, this 16-inch bike brings youngsters one step closer to the experience of riding an adult motorcycle.

Is it better to get a bigger or smaller bike frame?

If your arm spread is significantly more than your height, consider a larger frame. If it’s shorter, go for the smaller size instead. The reach to the handlebars will be greater on a larger bicycle. If your arms are proportionately longer than your body, you will most certainly feel more comfortable in a larger frame.

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Can a 6 foot person ride a 18 inch bike?

In general, an 18-inch bicycle is preferable for someone who is under six feet tall, although factors such as inseam length and variances between bike manufacturers can all have an impact on how well the bike fits.

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