How Do You Unlock A Bike Lock If You Forgot The Combination? (Correct answer)

How do you re-enter the combination of a bike lock?

  • Remove the cable from the lock housing after unlocking your bike lock using your current combination. Turn the reset lever on the end of the lock housing up 180 degrees so that it is flush on the head of the lock before reinstalling it. Other locks could be equipped with a little red button. This button must be pressed in order to reset the combination.

How do you unlock a combination lock without the code?

Pulling up on the dial and spinning it clockwise until the lock clicks can get you started on opening combination locks without a code. Then, look at your current position and multiply it by five to get your final position. Once you have that number in mind, put the dial to that position and crank it counterclockwise until you hear it click again.

How many combinations does a 4 digit lock have?

There are a total of 10,000 different permutations in which the digits 0-9 can be ordered to generate a four-digit code when they are used together.

What do you do if you lose your bike lock key?

If you did not register, and you have lost your keys or the combination to your lock, and the lock is currently attached to something, you will be forced to have the lock removed by the police department. We recommend that you contact your local bike shop or a locksmith for assistance with removal. Once it has been removed, the cut lock can still be returned to the manufacturer for replacement.

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