How To Change A Rear Bike Tire With Disc Brakes? (Best solution)

Is it necessary to touch disc brakes in order to remove wheels?

  • Additionally, if your bike is equipped with disc brakes, you may skip this step as well because disc brakes do not need to be touched in order to remove wheels. When you attempt to remove the wheel from most motorcycles with rim brakes, the tire bumps against the brake pads.

How do you separate bike disc brakes?

To gently separate them, you can try using a plastic tire lever or a special piston press tool to gently remove them from one another. Never use a sharp object or a screwdriver to remove the pads since doing so might cause damage. If you are unable to separate the pads, they will need to be removed.

Do you need to bleed bike brakes when changing pads?

Although brake bleeds and pad changes are two distinct tasks, if you have never bled your brakes before, you should take advantage of the chance to perform a thorough service on your brakes. In the course of the season, I’ll bleed once or twice (why not, it’s a Shimano). It’s very simple! ), and not bleed while changing pads.

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