How To Draw A Bike Helmet? (TOP 5 Tips)

What is the best way to sketch a BMX bike?

  • Sketch out the handle bars of a BMX bike, then the contour of the seat, and finally finish the drawing. After that, begin drawing the back tire and bike frame from underneath the BMX bike seat. Shape the handle bars of his bike, as well as the spikes on his bracelet, which is hidden beneath his shirt sleeve, and then add some details to his hand.

How do you draw a simple helmet?

To create the contour of the helmet, draw a curved line that will act as a guide. The right side of the drawing should have a slanted “A” in it. A vertical line should be drawn at the tip of the lower side of the letter “A,” and that line should be connected to the top line of the letter “A” with a curved line. Draw an outline around the design to fill in the details of a face mask.

What is a helmet made of?

Plastics are used in the construction of modern helmets. Premium-priced helmets are composed of fiberglass that has been reinforced with Kevlar or carbon fiber to increase strength. They often feature cloth and foam inside, which provide both comfort and protection at the same time.

How do you draw a compass step by step?

Draw a circle in the center of which one horizontal and one vertical line connect. This is the beginning of a compass rose design. Next, using a protractor, mark 16 equal-distance points around the circle, then draw a straight line across each of the points to complete the circle. In the following step, draw a circle around the 16 spots, followed by another circle inside of that first circle.

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How do you draw a volleyball?


  1. Start with a perfect circle for the outline sketch.
  2. Draw a crossing line sketch to represent the shape of a sphere.
  3. Draw four curved lines.
  4. Draw another line curved downwards.
  5. Add three additional downward curved lines.
  6. Add a couple additional curved lines toward the right side.

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