How To Prevent Bike Theft?

8 ways to keep your bicycle from being stolen

  1. By installing two high-quality locks, you may increase your overall security. Maintain the security of your wheels by locking them as well. Replace the quick-release seat and wheel skewers with skewers that need key access. Make your bike stand out from the crowd. Try out a smart lock for a while. Always store your bicycle inside your home at night.

  • A calamity is just around the corner if you leave your bike unlocked and unsupervised. Always secure your bicycle, and ensure sure the lock you choose is authorized by the gold standard. Cheap locks can easily picked or cut in a matter of seconds. After ensuring that your bike lock meets the necessary specifications, ensure that it is secured to something equally as secure.

Why do bikes get stolen so much?

Another factor for the prevalence of theft is that locks haven’t kept up with the advancements in technology. Riders may be discouraged from riding since the ones that do operate are either too expensive or too heavy to ride in the first place. GPS trackers may be used to locate a stolen bike, but they do nothing to deter criminals who are just interested in stealing its parts.

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How can I make my bike less attractive to thieves?

In the event that you must leave your bike alone in a public area, avoid making it appear overly beautiful and shining. The use of dirt or duct tape might help to make it appear less appealing to criminals. Protect your bicycle components by taping them together at various locations on your frame. This will make your bike parts appear old and shabby.

Are bike thieves common?

Every year in the United States, over 188,500 bicycles are reported stolen, a figure that is astonishing in and of itself when one considers the amount of bicycle thefts that go undetected. Some localities in the United States are taking steps to combat bicycle theft.

Why do thieves steal bikes?

In search of financial gain, acquisitive criminals take bicycles from their victims and swap them for cash or other commodities. The motorcycles may also be sold in bits for drugs or money, depending on the circumstances.

Do bike covers deter theft?

Because bicycles are often lightweight, bike owners must take precautions to keep their bicycles safe from theft at all times. In this case, a bicycle cover is really beneficial. An unknown bicycle is less likely to be targeted by thieves since they will not have the opportunity to view it.

How often are bicycles stolen?

Over 2 million bicycles are stolen each year in North America, which means that a bicycle was stolen every 30 seconds, or once every 30 seconds on average. Even during the coronavirus epidemic, when an increasing number of individuals have turned to bicycles as their primary source of transportation, the situation has only become worse.

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What is the most stolen bicycle?

In terms of brands taken, it’s no surprise to find two of the so-called ‘big three’ in Bikmo’s most stolen list – Giant and Specialized – which are both well-known in the cycling community. A second bicycle insurance, PedalSure, confirms the findings, stating that the two brands are among the most sought-after by bike thieves.

Where do bikes get stolen the most?

Theft has increased in a number of other cities around the United States, as well. Especially prevalent in Denver, where 3,205 bicycles have been stolen thus far this year, compared to 3,283 bicycles stolen in the entire year 2019.

What happens if you steal a bike?

Normally, you would presume it was a misdemeanor, punishable by anywhere from no jail time to up to a year in prison. If the bike is worth enough money, the theft would be considered a crime, punishable by a sentence of more than a year in jail. The financial amount that determines whether a theft is considered a misdemeanor or a felony differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

How do you beat the bike thieves?

To avoid these skilled bike thieves, the most effective strategy is to use a high-quality bike lock, secure your bike correctly, and reduce the amount of time you spend away from your bike.

Which bike wheel do people steal?

The front wheel is a highly common component that may be easily resold. All of the pricey components are located on the back wheel. They are stolen from time to time because people secure the bike frame but not the wheels, because locking the wheels takes longer. Wheels normally come off quickly, thanks to a feature known as a ‘quick release,’ which can be found on any bike worth stealing.

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