How To Put A Chain On A Bike? (Solved)

What is the proper way to attach a bicycle chain to a bicycle?

  • If your bike chain comes loose, just reattach it. Make it easier on the chain by pulling the rear derailleur arm (the metal arm attached to the rear tire) toward your handlebars. Reinstall the chain on the chainrings and push the rear derailleur arm back into its original position. You should be able to get away with just a few pedal strokes of the chain!

How do you change a chain without a chain tool?

Take a punch tool and position it over one of the rivets in the chain to be punched out. To remove the rivet, use a hammer to force it out and separate the chain from the rivet. If required, this procedure can also be used to shorten a new chain that has been started.

Is it easy to change a bike chain?

Bike multi-tools may contain a chain tool, which is generally enough; nevertheless, a good workshop chain tool makes life a lot less complicated. It is technically feasible to remove your chain by hand if you are using a quick link, but a set of link pliers makes the job a whole lot easier.

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