How To Put Thule Bike Rack On Car? (Solution found)

What is the best method of mounting a bike rack to a vehicle?

  • How to Install a Bike Rack on a Vehicle Method 1 of 3: Choosing a Rack with a Trunk-Mounted Design Article can be downloaded. A typical trunk-mounted rack will allow you to conserve room on the roof of your vehicle. Use of a roof-mounted rack is the second of three methods. Article can be downloaded. If your car is equipped with cross bars on the roof, you should consider purchasing a roof rack. Method 3 of 3: Mounting a Hitch-Mounted Rack to a Vehicle Article can be downloaded.

How do you put a bike rack on an SUV?

There are a variety of methods for installing a hitch bike rack. To attach it to your SUV, place a pole into the aperture of the trailer hitch and thread a bolt through both the opening and the rack, then tighten it with a nut. You must get under your SUV to install another sort of hitch rack, which needs you to screw vertically into the frame.

How do you attach a bike bag to a rack?

Bag hooks should be placed on the rear rack and gently pushed down until the hooks become secure in position. Secure the central clip using a pliers. The clip on the back of the bag should be rotated until the bag is securely fastened to the rear rack. In some cases, depending on your model, the center clip may not make full contact with the back rack.

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