How To Remove Allen Bike Rack From Hitch? (Correct answer)

  • To remove a bike rack from a hitch, you must first use your key to release the unit and then remove the rack. To do this, locate the black bar on the right side of the rack at the base of the rack, where the bike rack joins to the receiver
  • move the bar out slightly away from the rack and then loosen the anti-rattle knob.

How do you remove an Allen bike rack from a hitch?

Grab the knob hard in order to loosen it and the rack. For the first few turns, the knob will feel difficult to spin, but this is typical. 5. If the rack is still firm within the hitch after removing the knob, you should hold the rack by the large white ALLEN label and shake it – this will cause the rack to come away from inside the hitch. 6.

What is a quick install locking hitch?

It comes with two keys and is patented for easy installation. It attaches and tightens the rack within the receiver hitch. When not in use, the arms may be folded out of the way and the rack can be tilted back. Individual tie-down cradles, which are patented, secure and protect your bicycles. It is capable of accommodating a broad variety of bicycle frame designs.

What is Quick Install locking hitch insert?

Rack is secured and tightened within the receiver hitch with the help of a patented, quick-install hitch insert that contains two keys. When not in use, the quick-fold carry arms may be folded away and out of the way. Lift-gate entry is made simple with the tilt-away function. When transporting your bicycles, dual-compound tie-down cradles with quick-release straps provide extra protection.

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Is Allen a good bike rack?

Allen Sports is a well-established company that produces high-quality items for a fraction of the cost of comparable products. We’ve tested their bike trailers and, more recently, their vehicle bike racks, and have been thrilled by the quality and practicality of their goods, especially considering their ridiculously low prices. We highly recommend them.

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