How To Remove Bike Freewheel? (Correct answer)

  • Keeping the freewheel tool securely in place while you are wrenching on it is the key to successfully removing a freewheel from a vehicle. To do this, you can use the skewer to hold the freewheel tool in position while you grab the free wheel with a big wrench or vise. To remove the freewheel, always turn it in the opposite direction as the clock.

Can you change a freewheel to a cassette?

It is not possible to convert a freewheel hub to a cassette. You’ll need to replace your back hub. That’s what he said. There are two options: purchase a new rear wheel and have it re-laced to your existing rim, or purchase a new rear hub and spokes and have them re-laced to your present rim.

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