How To Return Citi Bike?

What is the best way to return a bicycle? When you’re through with your ride, you can return your bike to any station — just look for accessible docks using the smartphone app or the Station Map on your phone. Make a secure fit for your bike in the dock (but don’t smash it in!). Wait until the green light on the dock illuminates to ensure that it is securely locked.

  • Sign up for an annual membership or purchase a short-term pass with the Citi Bike app. Find a bike that is available in your area, then either obtain a ride code or use your member key to unlock it. While your pass or membership is still valid, you can take as many short rides as you wish. You may drop off your bike at any station and wait for the green light on the dock to indicate that it has been properly locked.

Can you return Citi bikes anywhere?

Any available bike from ANY station, at any time of day, is available for check-out and return with a membership card for a fee.

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What happens if I don’t return a Citi Bike?

If you leave a bike out for more than 45 minutes at a time, you will be charged an additional $0.12 for each additional minute, and your account may be suspended as a result of this. Please keep in mind that if you do not return a bike within 24 hours, you may be charged a $1,200 lost or stolen bike fee by the city (plus tax).

How do I cancel my Citi Bike?

After you’ve completed your ride, return your bike to any station that has an empty dock. Insert your bicycle firmly into the dock and wait for the green light to ensure that it is securely locked. To ride again, just request another ride code by tapping on the “Unlock a bike” button a second time. During the period that your pass is valid, you can ride as many times as you desire.

How do I return my Citi Bike key?

Riders are strongly encouraged to utilize the Citi Bike app rather than bike keys. It’s simple and straightforward to unlock a bike using the Citi Bike app, and you can also identify stations, plan your journey, and do a variety of other things with it. Bike keys are completely recyclable! Simply place the key in any plastics recycling container in New York City.

Can I rent 2 Citi bikes?

Members of Citi Bike, the nation’s largest bike sharing system, learned on Monday that they may hire as many as four Citi Bikes from their active accounts for $3.26 per 45-minute trip if they use the “group rides” option on the Citi Bike app.

What happens if someone takes your Citi Bike?

The site states that, in addition to the requirement to contact customer service (“now assisted by Lyft”) in the event that a bike is lost or stolen, “bikes that are gone for more than 24 hours may result in a $1,200 fine (plus tax) being levied to the account holder who took out the bike.” There is no indication that it is even possible.

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Are Citi Bikes tracked?

When a bike is racked outside of a station and at danger of theft, this feature notifies both the rider and CitiBike. In the event of a stolen bicycle, a GPS tracker is used to trace the route taken by the bicycle.

What do I do if I find a Citi Bike?

if your bike is lost, stolen, or otherwise disappears, please contact Citi Bike customer care or call 1 (855) 245 -3311, which is now supported by Lyft, for assistance. If you believe your bicycle has been taken or stolen, we recommend you to submit a police complaint with the appropriate authorities.

How much is a Citi Bike per hour?

It costs just $3.50 for a Single Ride, which includes the first 30 minutes of one ride on a traditional Citi Bike. When you upgrade to an ebike, you will be charged an additional $0.18 per minute. If you leave a bike out for more than 30 minutes at a time, regardless of the kind, you will be charged $0.18 per minute for each additional minute.

How can I get a free Citi Bike?

How can I become a member?

  1. Install the Lyft or Citi Bike app on your smartphone
  2. Follow the on-screen steps to finish your registration. Add the promo code “Healthfirst21” to the rewards area of your app’s rewards section. Unlock your bicycle and go for a spin!

Can you pause a Citi Bike Ride?

You may keep a bike out for an extended period of time, but there are additional expenses. Single Rides are subject to a $0.18 per minute surcharge after the first 30 minutes of included riding time has elapsed. Annual members and Bike for Business participants will be charged an extra $0.12 per minute for each additional minute they use their bikes.

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How do I cancel my Citi Bike key?

What should I do if I misplace my key? (

  1. If you have misplaced your keys and believe someone else may have obtained them, please contact us immediately at 855-245-3311 so that your bike key may be deactivated and fraudulent usage prevented. For a replacement price of $10, you may get a new bicycle key.

How do you pay for Citi bikes?

Purchase a Day Pass or a 3-Day Pass by going to the kiosk located at the end of any Citi Bike station and following the steps outlined below:

  1. To bring the screen back to life, press the button on the kiosk. Input your information into the kiosk’s “Rent a bike” button. Insert your credit or debit card into the slot. Select the number of bicycles you’d like to rent – up to four.

How do Citi Bike Electric Bikes charge?

Annual members will be charged $0.12 per minute for use of ebikes. This fee will be set at $3 for journeys lasting 45 minutes or less that begin or conclude outside of Manhattan’s boundaries. Non-members will be charged $0.18 per minute in addition to the Reduced Fare. Members of the Bikeshare program will pay $0.05 per minute for ebike rides.

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