How To Strap Bike To Roof Rack? (Question)

Is it possible to transport bicycles on the roof of a car without using a roof rack?

  • Without a car roof rack, it is feasible to strap bicycles to the top of your car if you don’t worry too much about the state of your vehicle or bicycles. Although this is a risk, there is a very real potential of the bikes slipping off if you do not do a thorough job of securing them.

Are strap on bike racks safe?

If a hitch is not loaded appropriately, too much weight, depending on the hitch class, might cause it to bend or break. Many hitch racks are equipped with locks or may be simply attached to a hitch with a cable lock, thus security is not a concern for most people.

How do I keep my bike from swinging on my bike rack?

Using a hitch clamp or an anti-rattle hitch device to protect your bike rack from swaying and wobbling while you’re driving is a simple and affordable solution to prevent this from happening. When the hitch clamp is properly fitted, the rack should be able to move in tandem with the vehicle rather than independently of it.

Is it illegal to tie something to the roof of your car?

Roof-racks and boxes are excellent for transporting large or cumbersome things, but you must ensure that you do not exceed the maximum load allowed on your roof. Everything that is transported on the roof must be firmly fastened: The Highway Code states simply that “you must secure your cargo and it must not protrude dangerously from the vehicle.”

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