What Is A Dropper Post On A Bike? (Perfect answer)

A dropper post, often known as a dropper, is a replacement for your bicycle’s seat post that allows you to quickly raise the height of your saddle without having to get off your bike or even stop riding altogether. The majority of droppers are activated via cable, while there are a few electronic/wireless options available as well.
What is the purpose of a dropper post on a bicycle?

  • The dropper seatpost, which can be raised or lowered while riding with the touch of a button, has become the latest fashion in the mountain bike market.

How does a bike dropper post work?

It is possible to operate a dropper seatpost with hydraulic or mechanical power. Riders may lower their seatpost while on the bike by pulling down on a lever, which is often positioned on the handlebars or the seatpost itself. Raising and lowering the seatpost is accomplished using a hydraulic fluid or a mechanical cable moving through the hose.

Is dropper post necessary?

The most important reason to use a dropper post is to be able to transition fast between sitting pedaling and standing to manage steep drops or jumps. Enduro riders must be able to cycle hard over long distances and across a variety of terrain, but they must also be able to navigate through extremely tricky terrain in order to get the most out of a dropper post.

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Can I put a dropper post on any bike?

Dropper seatposts, often known as dropper posts or just dropper posts, are one of the most useful improvements you can make to your mountain bike’s suspension system. These seatposts, which are controlled by a remote actuation that is mounted on the handlebars, allow riders to adjust the height of their seat without having to get off their bike.

How much does a dropper post cost?

Between $350 to $500. The $350 to $500 price range provides consumers with possibly the most variety of alternatives, all of which are certain to give riders with what they want from a dropper seatpost.

When should I drop my mountain bike seat?

When you are approaching a downhill part, take your seat as soon as you can before you reach it. It’s not a good idea to dump it exactly at the crest of the mountain. This might lead you to become distracted, so you should make sure that your bike is completely assembled before you arrive. Make sure your heels are underneath the pedals when you’re standing on the pedals.

How much weight does a dropper post add?

A dropper post weighs around 600 grams on average, plus or minus a few grams. The typical weight of aluminum alloy seat posts is between 250 and 300 grams, depending on the material. The majority of carbon seat posts have a lower weight. As a result, you’re double your weight.

Do dropper posts have suspension?

With 40mm of built-in, bump-smoothing suspension, the PNW Coast Suspension Dropper seatpost is a unique cable-actuated dropper post with bump-smoothing suspension. Last summer, PNW Components, located in Seattle, introduced a suspension-equipped dropper seatpost that, to our knowledge, was the world’s first air-sprung suspension dropper post.

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When did droppers become popular?

As the first decade of the twenty-first century came to a close, dropper posts were becoming increasingly ubiquitous, and were even being specified as standard equipment on select trail bikes. As their popularity grew, more and more manufacturers entered the game, including KS (Kind Shock), RockShox, and Fox, among others.

What is a good dropper post?

Bike Yoke Resurrection The Revive is one of the greatest droppers we’ve ever used, and it’s a great value. Despite the fact that it has an extremely smooth motion and a very easy compression force, This post comes with a Triggy 1x remote lever from Bike Yoke, which is one of the nicest we’ve come across so far. Aside from being simple to set up, the Revive is also equipped with a durable two-bolt saddle clamp design.

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